Just email us the size and we will give you a price and time quote. creativecanvasshop@gmail.com

 If flying don't for get to check airline luggage size restrictions.   http://www.luggagepros.com/travel/carry-on.shtml

How to Measure Your Items

  • Set item(s) on the floor
  • Measure length, width, and height
    • More then one item? Place items together (tie them if have to) before you measure. 
  • Add an inch (at least) to EACH measurement.

         How to Describe Your Bag

Terminology is used to describe CARRYING orientation (not item orientation). 

  • Length - Usually the longest side
    • Determines how wide each handle is (for balanced carrying)
  • Height - Handle straps are placed vertically along this          face
    • Determines the orientation for carrying the bag
  • Width -  Distance between handles 
    • Closures are placed in this dimension

Custom Shapes - If you can describe what you want, we can accommodate most requests. Different sized ends or polygon shaped faces are no problem. 

If you need help with this step please contact us, and we can provide individualized assistance. 

Bag Types

Table Bag

Wheel Bag (Drum Bag)

Tote Bag

Fishing Gear Bag (Flyrod Bag)

Large round bag

Large Rectangular Bag

Custom Boat Cooler Bags 

Vented Bag

Zipper Options

Lunch Box Style Zipper:

FRONT and both side, opens like a lid

Center - Top only

Center - Top and down one OR both sides

Need Custom Zipper Placement or an Alternative Closure?
Contact Us, we can accommodate most requests. 

Wheelchair Bag (Power Scooter Bag)

Extra Large Cooler Bag

Boat Well (Fishing Well) Bag 

Cylinder Bags