Just email us the size and we will give you a price and a time. creativecanvasshop@gmail.com

 If flying don't for get to check airline luggage size restrictions.   http://www.luggagepros.com/travel/carry-on.shtml

Just E-Mail us the size we will give you a quote.   creativecanvasshop@gmail.com

Set items on floor measure length, width and height add an inch at least.

More then one item pace them together and tie them if have to and measure.

How to measure a bag

Zipper will be an inch or so from ends.
Add an inch to each measurement.



Bag Types

Table Bag

Wheel or Drum Bag

Tote Bag

Fishing Gear Bag

Large round bag

Large Rectangular Bag

Custom Boat cooler Bags

Vented Bag

Zipper Placement

Lunch box style zipper front and two sides

Full length down center
Center and down one or both sides
Special zipper placment